Murano Hat and Cowl

Featuring stranded colourwork knitted in the round, this hat and cowl set is inspired by a twelfth century mosaic pavement in the Basilica of Santa Maria e San Donato on the Venetian island of Murano. The hat features corrugated ribbing and the cowl has a decorative Channel Island cast-on and bind-off.

They are available to purchase individually or as a set from my Ravelry store.  See the following links:

Murano Hat

Murano Cowl

The entire floor of the Basilica of Santa Maria e San Donato is covered in wonderful geometric marble mosaics dating from the 1140’s.  The floor was extensively restored in the 1970’s by Save Venice Inc. (see link here) and maintenance work is still ongoing.  When I visited Murano a few years ago armed with my new digital SLR camera I was disappointed to find that photography was no longer allowed inside the church.  This had all changed, much to my delight, when I returned in 2017 and I was able to capture many images to inspire my designs.  The colours in the mosaics are derived using stones such as porphyry and serpentine and range from white to black via shades of ochre, terracotta, blue, green and red.