The Venetian Collection

The idea of designing knitting patterns first occurred to me on a trip to Venice, where the architecture and mosaic floors filled me with inspiration. My first ever design was the Doges Palace Cowl, containing elements of lace, cables and colourwork which mimic the architectural features and brickwork of the building. The islands of Murano, Burano and Torcello also provided me with numerous ideas. This page gathers together all my designs based on the Venetian lagoon.

Torcello Cowl

Colourwork cowl inspired by a mosaic floor in Torcello, Venice.

Maria Donato Top

An easy to wear sleeveless top featuring mosaic colourwork inspired by romanesque architecture.

Murano Hat and Cowl

Colourwork accessories inspired by a twelfth century mosaic from the island of Murano.

Burano Cowl

A reversible cowl in baa ram ewe Titus, inspired 
by the colourful Venetian island of Burano.

Glass Island Cowl

A colourful double-knitted cowl inspired by a mosaic pavement from Murano.