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During 2017 I managed to visit Edinburgh Yarn Festival, Pomfest, Yarningham, Yarndale and the inaugural Nottingham Yarn Expo and had a fabulous time meeting people and talking to knitters, yarn dyers, designers – as well as boosting my yarn stash of course!

Some of the things I particularly remember were the fun knit-night at Edinburgh, some inspirational talks at Pomfest as well as a poetry reading from ‘Ten Poems about Sheep‘ and ‘Ten Poems about Knitting‘ hosted by Hooligan Yarns (who are also involved with the Candlestick Press who produce these lovely poetry booklets).

My Burano Cowl was spotted at Pomfest by Verity, of baa ram ewe, as a result of which it recently went on a holiday to Leeds to go on display in their shop.

My first pattern, the Doges Palace Cowl, was also released on Knitmastery  and became the subject of a knitalong hosted by them – it was very exciting to see the pattern take on a new life in so many different colourways and I enjoyed being able to help choose the winners!

I have many other patterns in the pipeline, and I’m very excited that I am going to be giving up the day-job before too long – which means I can focus more on my creative interests.


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