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I’ve just done a stocktake of everything I have knitted since the start of the Covid pandemic and am rather surprised!

As of December 2021 I realise I have made in excess of 30 garments and accessories (including several samples for my own designs). For quite a while I lost the urge to design but instead I began to finish off longstanding WIPs before embarking on some serious stashbusting. I also got rather distracted by a beautiful new accordion which arrived in late 2020. So perhaps I have been more productive than I thought!

Here is a little gallery of some of the things I’ve created since March 2020 when we first went into lockdown. There are designs from, amongst others, Isabell Kraemer, Bristol Ivy, Jennifer Steingass, Norah Gaughan, Junko Okamoto, Anna Johanna, Courtney Spainhower, Andrea Mowry, Julie Weisenberger, Georgia Farrell, Kate Davies and Midori Hirose.  I used a variety of yarns including from Hillesvag Ullvarefabrikk, The Border Mill, Black Isle Yarns, Lay Family Yarns, Jamieson & Smith, Malabrigo, Fru Valborg, The Fibre Co, Ullcentrum, Woollenflower, Rowan, The Grey Sheep Co, Lopi, Uschitita, Brooklyn Tweed, Hey Mama Wolf and Eden Cottage Yarns.

However, in autumn 2021 I went to Sweater Weather in Farnham followed by Yarndale in Skipton, plus a visit to Loop in London, so for some reason my stash doesn’t seem to have diminished that much and nor does my WIP list!

I did finally manage to launch some new designs too: these are Khiva Hat & Cowl, Chortak Cowl & Mitts, Alberesque Scarf and Byland Hat & Mitts. More details on my pattern pages.

I have lots of ideas for 2022, including delving into the worlds of lace and brioche, so no shortage of knitting and designing projects in the event of more lockdowns….